TRB Returns after Domain Name Troubles

What a lot of people don’t know is that when your blog disappears, you the blogger actually become invisible as well.  Like Frodo when he slips on the ring.  So imagine how difficult my day has been sliding around Manhattan desperately trying to get someone to see me or acknowledge my presence.

Well, if you’re reading this, then you can probably see me again, too.  Apparently failing to renew your site’s domain registration isn’t one of those things like ripping the tags off a mattress – there are actual consequences in real life.

While TRB was offline, I dropped a guest post over on Barry’s site:

“US Corporations are a lot like Wesley Snipes – they used to kick ass but now they spend most of their time trying to avoid paying taxes.”

I’m glad to be back up and running, thanks to Phil, Dom and Howard at StockTwits and Raanan from WordPress for saving the day.

And thanks to everyone who emailed me, I promise that if I ever truly go out, it’ll be way more dramatic 🙂

– JB

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