Leaders of the New School

There are some hot new financial blogs on the scene this summer, a few of which have already gotten a shout here on TRB.

Wasn’t too long ago (November 2008) that I myself was a an up-and-comer and getting nods of respect from the other bloggers helped me overcome the early sense that I was posting into a vacuum.  Not that anyone’s really reading my BS now or anything… 🙂

Anyway, here’s a quick list of the up-and-comers.  If you’re not already reading these guys, adjust your blogrolls and feedreaders accordingly:

Leigh Drogen (Surfview Capital) – He’s been around for a minute, but recently he’s been blogging steadily and doing an amazing job with the daily update shows on StockTwits TV.  A trader’s trader.

ChessNWine – Blogs over at iBankCoin and is easily this summer’s breakout star.  Great commentary wrapped around easy-to-read charts.  And his post titles piss me off because they should’ve been mine!

Dynamic Hedge – Gave him a shout today for his piece on the dreaded Death Cross Fixation from earlier this summer.  Go back in the Dynamic Hedge archives and you’ll find a really unique voice and some interesting post topics.

Chicago Sean – A longtime great follow on Twitter who’s decided to go a bit more long-form.  He’s a trader but the posts branch out nicely from just stock market stuff.  Great perspective on the site and clearly a blog that will go broader.

The Weakonomist (Weakonomics) – This guy has my sense of humor/outrage.  Very cool topics and a catchy writing style.  Definitely a site to watch.

What are some other newer blogs I should be reading?

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