The Quotron

I’m a sucker for a killer quote.  We’re gonna try this thing out where I take some of my favorite quotations of the week and do a series of posts called The Quotron (named after the first brokerage quote computers from the 80’s).

If it sucks just tell me and I won’t continue it.  If it’s cool, tell me and I’ll make it a regular thing like Hot Links.  Most importantly, as you come across them, send me your favorite quotes from the financial media/ blogosphere for inclusion.

Here we go:

“It is not that gold is in a bull market, but that there is a bear market in confidence in paper money, faith in governmental responses to crises, and financial markets themselves.”
– Chris Martenson

“Winners go unnoticed because people are looking for winners on the losers page when in fact the biggest winners come from the winners page.”
– Howard Lindzon

“Arguing with German deficit hawks feels more than a bit like arguing with U.S. Iraq hawks back in 2002: They know what they want to do, and every time you refute one argument, they just come up with another.”
– Paul Krugman (NYT)

“We have reviewed 30,000 pages of documents from BP, including your e-mails. There is not a single e-mail that shows you paid even the slightest attention to the dangers at this well.”
– Representative Henry Waxman

“Of course deflation is a great thing if the right things are deflating. Here are the good things: Food, Gas, Electronics, Waistline.  The Bad?: Home prices, Stock prices, Wages (especially Wall Street), Bank balance sheets.  It’s a complicated world out there.”
– GetYourselfConnected (Economic Disconnect)

“‘Blah blah blah, the dollar will be worthless.’  Good, so gimme yours.”
– Joshua Morgan Brown (TRB – yes, I’m eligible)

“The duration of a bubble does not make it valid or ‘the new normal.’ Like most chronic conditions it just means that the adjustment will be all the more difficult.”
– Jesse (Cafe Americain)

Individuals should play to their strengths, stay nimble and focus on the (absolute) returns that matter to them most of all.
– Tadas Viskanta (Abnormal Returns)

“Perhaps these (wirehouses) should spend more time worrying about why so many events that they are affiliated with have been negative — rather than the media coverage of those negative events.”
– Barry Ritholtz (TBP)

“The federal government is currently saddled with commitments for the next three decades that it will be unable to meet in real terms…the very severity of the pending crisis and growing analogies to Greece set the stage for a serious response.”
– Alan Greenspan (WSJ op-ed)

“Q. Who should be happiest about Tony Hayward’s complete inability to function in a crisis? A. Lloyd Blankfein, the chief executive of Goldman Sachs.”
– Floyd Norris (NYT)

“I just made 10 50 years worth of your annual salaries this morning. Because of this, I am now leaving the desk and heading yonder, into the concrete wilderness, where I will “accidentally” drop hot slices of pizza on peoples faces and spit on homeless people, as I walk into high end eateries.”
– The Fly (iBankCoin)