Hot Links: Bull Market In Lunch

Stuff I’m Reading this Weekend…

The unemployment problem is looking more structural than cyclical, technology has rendered many workers useless.  (LAT)

My new favorite blogger ChessNWine looks at some possible stock market scenarios to come.  (iBankCoin)

The new Reuters Insider project is massive, a $1 billion price tag estimated.  (FST)

Loren Feldman’s in-depth predictions for the 50 most well-known tech startups.  (1938Media)

Dividing the world into the Import and Export nations to find a solution.  (AlephBlog)

Banks about to embark on a PR campaign against strategic defaulters.  (NakedCapitalism)

The 10 year bull market in Lunch With Warren Buffett.  (SuddenDebt) hat tip Nick Mazing

The BP spill in the context of our Captain Ahab-like global obsession with oil production.  (NYT) hat tip Paul Kedrosky

The Simmons & Co. shuffle re: BP stock – bankrupt or worth $52?  (ZeroHedge)

Zachery Kouwe may want to do something not related to blogging for a little while.  (FelixSalmon)

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