Read This, Then Pay A Drifter To Throw You Down A Flight Of Stairs

From a reader in the San Francisco area, I present you with the possible future of dining out in America:

This is a real picture from a restaurant bill after we had dinner……they have a 4% additional tax for health care that’s added on the bottom of all restaurant checks to pay for the restaurant worker’s health care. How insane is this?

Let me see if I have this straight.  We may no longer be able to take the family out to dinner without paying a 4% surcharge to offset the cost of health care insurance for the chef or the waiter?

This is my first encounter with this type of thing, so please chime in if I have it wrong or if this is just a one-off thing that hardly exists.

Because if this is truly a sign of things to come…I’m at a loss for words.  For now.

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