Hot Links: Arm Yourselves

Haven’t thrown up a link fest in a few days…here we go:

A big week ahead with important earnings reports – here’s you preview:  (WSJMarketBeat)

Don’t look now, but Motorola ($MOT) may be getting its sh*t together.  (TechTrader)

The Gastronomical Gasparino.  Just because.  (Dealbreaker)

When your county is so broke that 700 criminals are on a waiting list to serve time, you may want to “arm yourselves”.  (CafeAmerican)

Why we no longer aspire to the endowment model of investing.  (AbnormalReturns)

A fantastic primer on EBITDA for amateurs and pros alike.  (InvestingCaffeine)

Left-wing fringe economist favors flooding the country with immigrants to offset baby boomer entitlement obligations.  No thanks, Mr. Reich.  (EconomistsView)

I loved this list of investing psychology rules.  (TBP)

Denninger with a little public school/ teachers’ union rant.  (Market-Ticker)

Steve Ballmer Puppet reviews the iPad.  High-larious.  (1938Media)

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