Fake Steve Jobs on the iPad

Fake Steve Jobs pens another classic post, this time a “you’re welcome” letter to the human race.  My favorite bit was where he explained the design process at Apple ($AAPL)

Some pundits have posed the question: Why does anyone need this thing? Indeed, even those of you are lining up and standing outside stores may be wondering, Why am I doing this? Why am I lining up like a zombie for an expensive piece of consumer electronics, a product for which there is no shortage and which, let’s face it, nobody really needs? Back in the early days of our design process, Jonny Ive came in to see me and we spent a long time trying to decide where on Mazlow’s triangle this product would sit. Because we knew if we couldn’t be way up above the very top of that pyramid, floating above it, totally outside the needs it describes, then this wouldn’t be a product we wanted to make. Some of our early iterations, in fact, had to be tossed out because when we looked at them we realized that parts of them were too, well, necessary. Don’t get me wrong. That’s fine for other companies. It’s just not what we do here at Apple.

High-larious.  Click over for the whole thing.  Even if you’re clicking it from a new iPad.


An Open Letter To The People Of The World (Fake Steve Jobs)

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