Lunchtime Links: Bull Market in Charge-Offs

Stuff I’m Reading Today…

What is John Paulson up to in Greece, and why is Goldman “shepherding him around”.  (AlterNet) h/t Comfortably Smug

Wanna see a bull market?  How about Capital One’s ($COF) January credit card charge-offs hitting new records? (ZeroHedge)

In some states, unsold inventory of foreclosed homes equals over 20 months worth of supply.  (WSJ)

On the death of a Deutsche Bank stockbroker.  (TimesOnline)

The 545 people that are responsible for the housing crash – because it wasn’t your fault.  (HousingWire)

Volcker: Washington is the most dysfunctional it’s been in 40 years.  (CNN)

Simon Properties ($SPG) makes a move on General Growth Properties.  This one could get interesting.  (Forbes)

A tale of two mortgage brokers and what lessons they’ve taken from the boom/bust.  (ScratchPad)