Hot Links: School's Out For … Budget?

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Krugman blames the Euromess on the elites who pushed for the single currency adoption.  (NYT)

How blogs are remaking the media business now that media is becoming more open.  (Forbes)

Something big is happening in Detroit – the Motor City may become Rail City.  (CNNMoney)

A $700 million budget shortfall leads state of Utah to ponder the end of 12th grade.  What say you, Alice Cooper?  (Mish)

Mafia-like tactics of the mortgage industry exposed on Long Island.  (NYP)

The most important story for 2010.  Make the time to read Peck on how unemployment will remake the country.  (TheAtlantic) h/t James Kwak

Happy Presidents Day, here are 8 really cool facts about my personal fave, TR.  (WizBang)