Hot Links: Nothin' But Net

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning (almost all bearish…I’m just the messenger)

Do not place a trade before reading Upside’s Morning Morsel today, he’s seeing a big change in the tone of the tape.  (UpsideTrader)

Derek Hernquist also sees sell signals – but is not convinced either way yet.  Here’s why:  (StockTwitsNetwork)

“The mother of all creators of havoc on Wall Street is this looming transaction tax.” – Thomas Peterffy, CEO Interactive Brokers.  (Bloomberg)

The best economic gauge you’ve never heard of.  (TBP)

Some investment themes and stocks based on killer internet usage data.  (CodyWord)

“The iPad is Steve Jobs’ Waterloo.”  Brutal.  (VentureChronicles)

Roubini: Never mind Greece, wait til you see how f*&@ed up Spain is.  (Clusterstock)

Matt Taibbi: No, populism is not like racism.  (TrueSlant)

Richard Russell: Here comes the second round of pain.  (PragCap)

LeBron James and Dwight Howard are doing a remake of the McDonalds “Nothin But Net” commercial.  Cool.  (Reuters)