Hot Links: The Dunking Elephant

Hot Links for Weekend Reading…

A roundup of US bank analyst reactions to the Volcker Rule and its potential impact.  (FTAlphaville)

What was your Stealth Inflation last year?  Ya know, the kind of price upticks that actually matter to you.  (BarbarianCapital)

Techie Wars: Fred Wilson vs Jason Calcanis vs Comscore‘s web traffic data.  (TechCrunch)

Mort Zuckerman on The Incredible Deflation of Barack Obama.  (USNews&WorldReport)

Will the Fed be keeping rates at zero until they can sell their own bond portfolio?  Hmmm.  (JrDeputyAccountant)

Justin Fox says goodbye to the Curious Capitalist blog.  (TIME)

A reminder for politicians: It wasn’t the trading, it was the leverage.  (AlephBlog)

IBD rings the alarm, calling for a real correction for stocks, also doesn’t like the leadership.  (PragCap)

Mish is organizing a phone drive to various senators to halt Bernanke‘s confirmation.  (Mish) and (LOLFed)

Bin Laden is claiming responsibility for the Detroit bomber.  Why can’t his f*&$in’ kidneys just kill him already?  (Bloomberg)

Meet TokTak, the dunking elephant.  (DailyMail)

And just because, here is Steve Ballmer autographing a college student’s MacBook without killing anyone and eating their livers: