Sunday Links: Disrespect, I'll Disconnect Your Line

Stuff I’m Reading…

Wall Street’s real view of Main Street.  (CafeAmericain)

And for laughs, here’s what the four bank mandarins are thinking.  (TBP)

Barbarian Capital: Capitalism needs Darwinism.  (DavianLetter)

John Mauldin gets a big shout in New York Mag on the Muddle Through Economy.  (NYMag)

Actually, you DO NOT have a moral obligation to pay off a bad mortgage.  (Mish)

What happens after a mogul buys a landmark building?  (NYT)

The legendary Tavern on the Green is auctioned off pieces at a time.  (Bloomberg)

The GOP could take a lesson from Dominos Pizza.  (NationalReview)

New Jurassic Park and Captain America flicks in the works.  Sweet.  (BoxOffice)