Sunday Night Links: Farmers in Love

Some cool stuff I read this weekend…

Howard Lindzon on punching your banker, your lawyer and ditching your mortgage.  Easily the most aggressive non-NHL player Canadian I’ve ever met.  Awesome.  (HowardLindzon)

“But by the end of 2009, with stocks 65% higher, the number of “bearish” retail investors had dwindled to 23%, a level last seen four years ago.”  (USAToday)

Steven Place has isolated an interesting chart pattern we’re noticing with a lot of stocks right now.  This is important stuff to be aware of.  (InvestingWithOptions)

Small tech startups are raising money, here are the SEC filing details to prove it.  (TechFlash)

A comic blogger saves a man’s life on the train tracks.  No punchline, he really did.  (NYMag)

Farmers in love: Man uses 120,000 pounds of manure to say “I Love You”.  (Neatorama)

Some very interesting examples of Winner Take All.  (BarbarianCapital)