Journalists with Questionable Endorsement Deals

Fox News “journalist” Glenn Beck has recently come under fire for his endorsement of Goldline, a seller of gold bars and coins.

Not only does he do live commercials for Goldline, he has also been telling his viewers to buy gold to protect themselves from the government’s policies.

Beck is not the only on-air news personality with a questionable endoresement deal.  Below are a few others we’re concerned about…

Charles Gasparino                                MET-Rx
Cody Willard                                 Garnier Fructis
Lawrence Kudlow                            Kool-Aid
 Mark Haines                                      Oreos
Lou Dobbs                                     CareerBuilder
Trish Regan                                Baby Einstein
Whether or not these endorsements will interfere with their journalistic ethos remains to be seen but the situation certainly bears monitoring. 

By the way, I like everyone who appears here.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be concerned with this possible breach of ethics.