Fox News

The Fox Biz Holiday Card

The media relations team at Fox Business Network sent me quite the Chrismas card.  It appears that the young network has inherited the super-competitive gene from it’s brother network Fox News.

Journalists with Questionable Endorsement Deals

Fox News “journalist” Glenn Beck has recently come under fire for his endorsement of Goldline, a seller of gold bars and coins. Not only does he do live commercials for Goldline, he has also been telling his viewers to buy gold to protect themselves from the government’s policies. Beck is not the only on-air news…

Things To Do Instead Of Attending Your Neighbor's Tea Party Rally

Tea Party The Tea Party movement has been spared my ridicule thus far…Until now. I caught a Fox News town hall-esque State of the Tea Party program hosted by Glenn Beck this weekend and my abdominal muscles ached from all the cringing this broadcast induced. This was a nationally-televised moron-a-thon in the round. Its not…