Hot Links: Fit to be Trampled

from NYT

Hot Links for Weekend Reading…

The good news in Dubai is that the Underwater Hotel is weeks away from completion.  (GraspingReality)

Here’s that piece everyone’s talking about where Spitzer calls Geithner a disgrace.  (Slate)

Trader Mark guests on Zero Hedge: “Letting homeowners be deadbeats is the new stimulus plan.”  (ZeroHedge)

John Hempton‘s fascinating take on why Starbucks failed in Australia and other insight from the Coffee Wars.  (BronteCapital)

Does Dubai Matter?  Ask Ireland.  (BaselineScenario)

Recipe for Bubbles checklist.  (InfectiousGreed)

High quality stocks beginning to outperform the junk in late November.  (Morningstar)

Mark Pittman, who fought the Fed and foresaw the crisis, dead at 52.  (Bloomberg)

Bernanke defending the Fed and its independence.  (BigPicture)

The holiday shopping crush in pictures, a gallery in the New York Times.  (NYT)