Hot Links: One Bad Bird

Kea photo from BoingBoing

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Goldman sees another 5 to 10% leg down in housing by mid-2010.  (Bloomberg)

John Carney takes a controversial position on insider trading, hilarity ensues.  (Clusterstock)

Real-life hero: Vigilante father abducts his daughter’s killer and beats the s#@$ out of him.  (TimesOnline)

The Death of the Newspaper – seen in graphic form.  (EconomPic)

Post of the day: How does the current pullback stack up against the others so far in 2009?  (VixAndMore)

Jeremy Grantham, who’s been right on the money, says “Rally Over”.  (InvestmentPostcards)

This means war: Damien Hoffman and James Cramer go at it.  (ZeroHedge)

New IPO: looking for a $100 mil valuation.  (DealBook)

Meet the sheep-murdering Parrot.  One Bad Bird.  (BoingBoing)