Hot Links: No Balloon Boy Coverage Here

sausageStuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The dollar is not weak where it counts – in China.  (FloydNorris)

The big BIG stock winners of 2009.  (TheFly)

Morgan Stanley: according to the Debt-Equity Clock it’s time to own stocks.  (PragCap)

Rolfe caught George Soros and Stephen Roach at The Economist conference, here are their thoughts:  (Reuters)

I Short Sold My Neighbor’s House.  (WallStCheatSheet)

The manager of the Forester Value Fund looks for bargains after a big run.  (Minyanville)

The effect on oil and gas prices on California.  Fascinating.  (GregorMacdonald)

AMP Capital sees a big correction coming for the S&P based on technical divergences building up.  (Bloomberg)

Finance blogger extraordinaire Felix Salmon leaving Reuters for The Atlantic‘s new project.  (Clusterstock)

Editors note: There will be absolutely zero Balloon Boy coverage on this site today.  If you have to have it, get it elsewhere.  Thank you.

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