More Hot Links: I Hate Cupcakes


More Hot Links for Weekend Reading…

My fave site Abnormal Returns turned 4 years old this weekend.  Happy Blogiversary! (AbnormalReturns)

Thank goodness for our private equity/ i-banking industry for deals like these.  Disgraceful.  (ZeroHedge)

John Crudele: One Trillion Reasons to Avoid a New Stimulus Plan.  (NYP)

Eddy Elfenbein challenges David Rosenberg‘s “market is extremely overvalued” spiel.  (CrossingWallStreet)

Charts and Coffee sees the market as coiled up, about to make a big move.  (Charts&Coffee)

Anthony Bourdain and David Chang: 10 things that are BS about the NYC restaurant world, especially the whole cupcake thing.  (GrubStreet)

Happy 100th bank failure in 2009!  FDIC has its hands full.  (NYT)

Big week coming up for the markets.  Here’s the only preview you need: (PragCap)

Obama named Country Music Entertainer of the Year.  LOL.  (HuffPo)