Hot Links: Big Bad Jobs Data & the Letterman Blackmail Affair

sausageStuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Getting ready for the big bad jobs data coming this morning.  (Bloomberg)

The growling of the bears is getting louder in the blogosphere.  (EconomyBeat)

Merrill Lynch‘s trading floor looks like a neutron bomb hit it.  (TBP)

Obama‘s deficits are making Bush look like a piker.  (TheAmerican)

New Yorkers sound off about the economic indicators they see around them.  (WNYC)

The Anal_yst on teen retailer valuations being at 2007 levels.  (1-2KO)

Felix Salmon on the Zero Hedge followers.  (Reuters)…

– and then the ZH response from Marla Singer/ EP (still the most ferocious blogger in the game).  (ZeroHedge)

Be very afraid: The latest BusinessWeek cover, one of the best contrarian forecasting tools available.  (Clusterstock) h/t Greenbackd

The Letterman Blackmail Affair revealed.  (DHD)