Hot Links: Crazy Buildings & Golden Coffins

from Instant Shift

from Instant Shift

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Good stuff:  M&A boom coming to S&P 500 as cash positions relative to share prices climbs to the highest in  decades.  (Bloomberg)

Or how about big M&A deals coming to the asset management space?  Long overdue.  (Morningstar)

Big report on how to fix compensation comes out today…shocker: they’re not fans of Golden Coffins.  (DealBook)

Americans are raging, this apparently frightens Tina Brown‘s sensibilities.  (DailyBeast)

Regional banks stampede to drop secondaries, raising $2 billion since last week.  Smart move.  (TheStreet)

Attention XBox, Playstation and Wii: Activision doesn’t need you anymore, can sell Guitar Hero as a TV game.  (NYP)

Kenneth Rogoff in praise of the Lehman failure: It paved the way for the rescue.  (MusingsOfATrader)

The coolest, strangest buildings in the world.  Killer gallery.  (InstantShift)