Hot Links: It's Official, You're All Morons

sausageStuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Markets lower ahead of Obama‘s Wall Street dog and pony show later today.  (CNNMoney)

My fave post this morning:  It’s Official, You’re All Morons. Get ’em!  (GreenFaucet)

Stocks being bought and sold by top mutual fund managers.  (Morningstar)

A graphic breakdown of how bad the advertising business has gotten.  (Clusterstock)

This looks to be the slowest recovery since WWII, slower than the last 10.  (Bloomberg)

Which trading indicators are you following?  Here are some ideas:  (ChartsAndCoffee)

Bloggers who make big money on ads are in the minority, but they’re out there.  (DealBook)

Who are the winners?  The WSJ 2009 Technology Innovation Awards announced.  (WSJ)

Rolling Stone on U2‘s massive new stadium tour.  (RS)

Roundup of MTV‘s Video Music Awards from last night.  Yep, still heading downhill.  (NYP)