Hot Links: Trailer Park Ponzi and Sleeping Bunny Wabbits

sausageStuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Story of the day:  Why and how the hell could AIG have just doubled?  (NYT)

John Paulson‘s shiny new position in Citigroup, Jay’s coverage of Paulson is the best I’ve read.  (MarketFolly)

A quick look at individual investor sentiment over at the Notorious B.I.G. (Bespoke)

Goldman‘s memo re: the trading huddle non-scandal (I think this is a joke of an investigation, btw).  (Dealbreaker)

The damage that the auction rate disruption has done to big non-banks like TI and Corning.  (Bloomberg)

Yay!  The trailer park set now has a Ponzi of their very own.  (LATimes)

Charts and Coffee looks at the government junk hotties – AIG, C, FNM, FRE etc.  (ChartsAndCoffee)

Research Reloaded disabuses us of the notion that the Baltic Dry Index is a good global indicator.  (ResearchReloaded)

And finally, because it’s Friday and you guys deserve a little taste of adorable…here’s 9 videos of baby bunnies falling asleep.  Awwwwww.  (URLesque)