Hot Links: Roubini Backlash & The Battle of the Books

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Is the Nouriel Roubini Backlash underway?  If so, then Damien Hoffman has just fired the opening salvo.  (WSCheatSheet)

The battle of the books: Google blocked by Yahoo, Amazon and Microsoft consortium.  (DealBook)

Rolfe takes issue with the Buffett op-ed from this week.  (Reuters)

Goldman Sachs getting serious about it’s image, reports Charlie Gasparino, also playing the anti-semitism card.  (DailyBeast)

How are big corporations using web 2.0?  (re:TheAuditors)

An explosion in workplace suicides over the last year.  Layoffs and survivors’ guilt to blame.  (NYP)

Another hedgie kid takes the Vending Machine Challenge.  (Dealbreaker)