Breakfast Links: Trump, Steinhardt & Sesame Street


Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Paul Kedrosky found a good interview with trading legend Michael Steinhardt.  (InfectiousGreed)

Floyd Norris calls Trump‘s ability to raise more casino money the ultimate green shoot.  (NYT)

CTFC Chairman talks about limiting investment funds within energy markets.  (DealBook)

Another brilliant set of thoughts on the current market from David Merkel.  (AlephBlog)

Winners and losers from the SEC‘s Flash Trading ban.  (Bloomberg)

AIG (meaning us taxpayers) will be paying Wall Street $1 billion to dismantle it.  Cool!  (Clusterstock)

Best 15 musician appearances ever on Sesame Street (including Johnny Cash & Alicia Keys).  (MentalFloss)