Breakfast Links: IPO's, Cramer & the B of A Tower


Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

First, I want to wish a happy 4th birthday to Long or Short Capital‘s site…these guys are great, start reading.  (LongOrShort)

4 IPO’s scheduled for August.  I forgot, what’s an IPO, again?  (DealBook)

How many NYC restaurants have gone under this year?  Not that many, considering…  (Grub Street)

Straight up abusing the new Bank of America tower at Bryant Park, everybody gets a shot in.  (Dealbreaker)

Insider activity not very encouraging.  (PragCap)

Another jealous ex-whatever takes a shot at Jim Cramer.  Yawn.  Pick a new target, guys.  (NYP)

Reconstructive surgery for Wall Street: Private partnerships, mutual funds acting like hedge funds and other changes coming.  (Forbes)