Breakfast Links: Schumer, Bernanke & The God of Email

sausageStuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas is undergoing a big expansion right now…good timing.  (AP via Yahoo)

Seantor Schumer asks SEC Chief Mary Shapiro to ban high frequency trading.  No Goldman campaign money for you, Chuck.  (Bloomberg)

The Great Preventer op-ed:  Why Nouriel Roubini thinks Ben Bernanke should be kept around, warts and all.  (NYT)

Citigroup and the US Taxpayer make it official, the consummation was last night.  Was it good for you?  (DealBook)

Developers Diversified bucks the retail trend.  (ValuePlays)

There is a god of social networking, and it’s called Email.  Bow down, Web 2.0.  (GigaOM)