More Hot Links: Sarah Palin, Bill Gates & Comic Con 2009


More Hot Links for Weekend Reading…

Revenge of the debtors…the revolt of the indebted begins.  (NYT)

A few ways to look at whether or not the market is cheap right now.  (PragCap)

So the Fed has set up an “Investor Advisory Council”, chances are you’re not invited.  (Jesse’s Cafe Americain)

The shorts are capitulating.  (Bloomberg)

What’s Sarah Palin‘s next move?  (Daily Beast)

The high tech industry comes to the Upstate NY wastelands.  Hope this works.  (NYT)

Deadline Hollywood Daily is covering Comic Con 2009 like no one else, here’s a sample, great work, Luke.  (DHD)

Bill Gates had too many friend requests to keep up a Facebook page.  (TechFlash)