Cody Drops the "F" Bomb Again…Fascism

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The above video, from April, is a great example of the ridicule that Democrats are heaping on anyone who disagrees with President Obama’s continuation of the Republican bailout scheme. 

Both parties are complicit in this unprecedented wealth transfer, but the left only disliked it when it was a Bush/Paulson phenomenon. 

For the record, Fox Business Channel’s Cody Willard always hated the concept and so has been heckled by both sides of the aisle.

In an interview this week on AOL’s Daily Finance site, Cody expands on his revulsion in an interview:


Q: You’ve referred to the bailouts as “fascism” on the part of Republicans and Democrats. Can you explain that a little bit?

A: You go back and actually look at the definition of fascism according to Mussolini himself. He defined it as basically the marriage of government and corporate powers. A year ago, 15 months ago, you and I would never have fathomed that our own government would actually own insurance companies, banks and car companies. Or government has crossed the line into merging government and corporate powers. I want to be accurate when I talk about something and I think the most accurate term is that, what Democrats and Republicans have done equally in the past 15 months is turn this country into one that has some real fascist realities to it.

How many other financial television guys will really talk like this for the public record?  Agree or disagree, you gotta admit, it’s pretty rare.
This is why I’ve been watching FB’s Happy Hour more and more lately.


Cody Willard on AOL

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