When a resolute young fellow steps up to the great bully, the world, and takes him boldly by the beard, he is often surprised to find it comes off in his hand, and that it was only tied on to scare away the timid adventurers.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thanks to all for the kind wishes and salutations earlier this week.  I have a rather introspective communique for the site today, written at the foot of my newborn son’s crib as he sleeps.

Major life events that take you away from your everyday routine tend to have a habit of forcing you to reevaluate certain things about yourself.  You are compelled to reexamine even the most mundane tasks and functions that you normally perform, along with the larger themes and goals of your life and career.

I’ve taken inventory over the last few days.  I suppose the best summation for how I’ve come away feeling is Happy, But Not Satisfied.

Upon coming to that conclusion, I delved a bit further and realized that there’s just not enough…not yet at least.

I’ve made the decision to do more and better.  More trading, more investing, more clients, more money, more posting on The Reformed Broker, more reading, more writing…just more.  And everything I do, I’ve resolved to do better.

Now, there are those who would say, count your blessings.  I do every day, but it’s not in me to rest on whatever laurels I think I’ve got to rest upon.

The lightbulb has gone off, you see, and there’s no turning back.  In no time at all, my son will have grown to be a man.  I simply cannot tolerate any future in which I haven’t built something for myself and my family that he can be proud of.  Everything has to be done bigger and better starting today and on a continuing basis with every future endeavor, from now on.

For my readers here on TRB, I make the following promise:  Big things are going to happen right here on this site.  Each and every day, I will strive to write more and better.  More honesty, more information, more perspicacity, more interesting topics, more everything.

Writing TRB on a regular basis over the past 6 months has helped me crystallize my market and economic observations.  It has also enabled me to stay focused during a time of unprecedented tumult and uncertainty.  I like to think that this clarity and focus has, in different ways, benefited my clients as we got defensive when it was called for, but stayed in the game for the rally that began in early March.  Sure, there were mistakes and things I wish had been done differently, but looking in the rear view mirror, I see the smoldering debris of many competitors, whole brokerage firms that were wrecked, and here I am on the other side, alive and kicking.  Writing about the markets each day has put me in the frame of mind to capitalize on the madness rather than throw my hands up and lose interest during the crash.

Improving and building the site fits in perfectly with my new-found purpose to do more and better…I do this for my own psyche, for the interests of my clients and for you, my readers.  And I vow to do it better.

And this line of thinking extends to my trading activity as well.  I offer up this warning to any and all market participants who may be out there taking the other side of my trades: Be careful.  You’re going up against one of the most determined players in the game right now if you’re trading against me.

Life-changing events are rare and unfortunately, sometimes they are for the worse.  This time, however, I’ve  received a major blessing.

I’ve  taken the new perspective that comes along with this huge personal event and fashioned from it a will to face down Ralph Waldo Emerson‘s Bully and take him boldly by the beard.  Come along on the adventure with me, you won’t be disappointed!

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