More Hot Links: Tech Edition


More Hot Links for Weekend Reading

The New York Times Media & Advertising section comes out blasting at the tech blogs that are eating into the Times’ audience.  They point out how often the big tech blogs like Gizmodo and TechCrunch run with false rumors either deliberately or because of sloppiness, such as the recent “Could Apple be Buying Twitter” dust-up.

Speaking of TechCrunch, they’ve got a phenomenal story on the 8 People Palm Poached to make their new Pre smartphone.  The Pre is hot as hell right now and the buzz is building with every passing day.  Jon Rubinstein and other ex-Apple people came in and finally built something for Palm to compete with the iPhone and the Blackberry.

In other news about Palm’s Pre, All Things Digital has a story about just how hot these smartphones are.  They quote a Palm executive, who said, “Sprint Tells Us They Have Never Seen Higher Demand for a Smartphone”.  According to several sources quoted in the story, Sprint stores and Best Buys all over the country were selling out of Pre’s very quickly, in one case, by 11am on release day.  Congrats, Palm…the smartphone biz was yours to lose, which you did, so it’s nice to see you back in the game.