Hot Links: Poor Celebs, Spitzer, Analysts in Love & Holy Trading

hot-linksHot Links for Weekend Reading

Let’s kick things off with Stockwire’s list of Celebrities who are poorer than you, including Gary Coleman and Kim Basinger.

Next up, here’s the story of an analyst who fell in love with the CEO of a company she covered and what FINRA decided to do about it…Bill Singer’s has the whole story and a few comments as well.

If this story in FT Alphaville is actually true, then there really is a point to all this social media mumbo jumbo…JP Morgan‘s debt collectors are using MySpace to embarrass it’s deadbeat customers’ children!  

I like Charlie Gasparino as a reporter, but this one was way ridiculous…in the NY Post, Charlie writes that the AIG debacle was all Eliot Spitzer‘s fault.  He twists logic around enough to make the point that if Sptitzer hadn’t zealously prosecuted and chased away Hank Greenberg, the firm wouldn’t have gotten carried away with all the derivative risk that brought it down.  Bullsh#t.

Trading for a living, whether with firm money, client money, or your own money, requires a set of rules to trade by.  Most of the time, no one is going to enforce those rules on you and so self-discipline becomes the key.  Be sure to read this quasi-religious post on systems and guidelines at Read The Prospectus.

Speaking of trading, don’t miss Bespoke Investment Group‘s guide to earnings reactions for this season which includes a list of who got rewarded, who got punished, and how extreme the reactions were themselves…I love the Notorious B.I.G.‘s site, one of the best on the web for market participants.

And finally, Barry Ritholtz gets the inside scoop on the impact that Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show can have on book sales (good and bad).