Goldman & Citi: The Pot and The Kettle


So Goldman Sachs (GS) doesn’t like how Citigroup (C) made it’s numbers last week.  Well neither do the rest of us, but we also don’t like how Goldman made their own numbers!

From Bloomberg
While Citigroup posted first-quarter net income of $1.6 billion last week, the New York-based bank suffered an “underlying” loss of 38 cents a share, Richard Ramsden, a Goldman Sachs analyst, wrote in a research note dated yesterday. He repeated a “sell” rating on the stock.

Talk about the Pot and the Kettle!  I wonder if the Citi analyst will have at Goldman’s latest quarterly report, where the investment bank/ shadow government conveniently tucked away almost a billion in writedowns into an “orphan month” that wasn’t included in their calculations due to a fiscal year change.

Would only seem fair…

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Full Disclosure:  I have no positions in either Goldman Sachs or Citigroup