We’ll see if I can stick to them. I think I can. Some of these are already in progress.

  1. Focus more on what I can do for others than what I can do for myself, seeking nothing in return other than the joy of making people happy.
  2. Early morning exercise three days a week and one day on the weekend.
  3. Finish more books, spend less time on social media other than to have quality discussions and share good content.
  4. Be more hands-on where I can have a positive influence and delegate where others can excel.
  5. Surprise people with random acts of kindness and generosity.
  6. More quality, well-planned nights out. Less spontaneous, lazy happy hours.
  7. Get more serious about scheduling, eliminate needless stress with better planning.

All of these things are workable for me. But they all take work to accomplish. The key is sustaining the effort.


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