Rise of the Ghostface Killah!

GFK got a new album out this week!

It’s a 12-song collaboration with composer Adrian Younge called Twelve Reasons to Die and it is fucking incredible.

It’s a concept album telling the story of Tony Stark (Ghostface’s alter ego) and his battle with the DeLuca Mafia family. Each song is an episode in the struggle and pretty much everyone gets capped in the end. And Tony wins again. What separates this from the rest of the Wu-Tang catalog is the single-mindedness of the record all the way through as well as the live musical instrumentation. To call Younge’s work here “cinematic” would be an understatement.

Here’s the video for the single Rise of the Ghostface Killah. I have no idea what’s going on but Tony’s wearing a mask and there’s blood everywhere!

Get the album on Amazon: Twelve Reasons to Die

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