I had a really busy day today (that time of year!) but wanted quickly point you to a few things:

First, Berkshire’s buyback news today was interesting, was glad to see it as a shareholder.  The buyback threshold has now been raised to 120% of book value up from 100%, which Motley Fool believes means a floor under the stock at that level.  I’ll take it.

What Berkshire’s Buyback Means for You (Motley Fool)

Oh yeah, and the Fed. Forgetaboutit. QE to the f***ing moon. Plus a new targeting policy (low rates so long as unemployment > 6.5% and inflation < 3%.

Merrill Lynch just got Petraeus-bullish on stocks for 2013 – ALL IN.  Check this “unapologetically bullish” call out:

Merrill ‘unapologetically bullish’ for 2013 (The Globe and Mail)

Here’s the Takeaway I did today at Investment News for further reading:

The Takeaway (Investment News)

OK, good night!


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