Hot Links: Closed Door Meetings

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Italian (and Spanish) bond yields soaring this morning as everyone in Europe wearing a suit is called into closed door meetings.  (MarketWatch)

The Fly: “Let’s be clear about Italy. Their debt is 120% of GDP, but owned domestically. They are not like Greece.”  (iBankCoin)

Fightin’ Joe Donahue: How I (don’t) play Earnings Season.  (UpsideTrader)

Cool story from James about the karmic cycles in life and how an old friend returned a huge favor.  (AltucherConfidential)

Erik on the prospects of a raging rally in the US dollar (versus the Euro).  (MarketAnthropology)

Brazil avoided being China but is spending way too much on government bureaucracy, not enough on infrastructure.  (TIME)

Seth: “The fear can be your compass, it can set you on the right path and actually improve the quality of what you do.”  (SethsBlog)

Love this bizarre profile of Morgan Stanley’s algo trading genius Peter Muller.  (Bloomberg)

My daily linkfest for financial advisors is loaded with some amazing stuff this AM.  (WSJFA)

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