Vikram Pandit

Hot Links: Maxine Waters, Bailout Nation and A-Rod

Hot Links for Weekend Reading This week, we watched another episode of half-educated Congressional grandstanding.  This time around, the focus of misguided indignation was how much TARP money ended up being paid out to executive compensation and bonus by the largest banks. The show-stealer was none other than Maxine Waters, the representative of California’s 35th…

Hot Links: Gold, TARP and Pink Slip Parties

Hot Links for Weekend Reading This past Sunday, the most memorable commercial on the Super Bowl was Cash4Gold‘s spot featuring MC Hammer and Ed McMahon.  What made the commercial memorable was not the humor (down-on-their-luck celebs melting their gold for money).  No, the memorable aspect was the very existence of a cash for gold company…

Pandit's Bandits: a Memo to Citigroup's Sponsored Little League Team

Dear Pandit’s Bandits Players and Personnel,

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce my absence for the majority of the upcoming Spring Training season to you, my favorite mini-employees of Citigroup. Our sponsorship of the Pandit’s Bandits little league team has brought all of us here at Citi much joy in these dark times of accountability and prudence.