Too Big To Fail

TRB vs Carney on the Big Bank Tax

Since neither the construction nor the operation of TARP or its sister programs was constitutional to begin with, it is an absurdity to argue that the addition to this program of a new recompensatory feature violates the constitution. This would be like arguing about what color a unicorn’s tail is supposed to be.

7 Terms and Phrases We Should Bury With 2009

Every passing year gives rise to any number of mind-bogglingly annoying terms and phrases.  2009 was no exception. I submit the following terms as ready-for-obsolescence as the year draws to a close, let’s leave these behind as we head into 2010: Shovel-Ready Let me help you out with this: there is no such thing as…

Hot Links: Punk Animals

  Stuff I’m Reading this Morning… Ace Fidelity International fund manager sees a multi-year bull market, led by emerging stocks.  (Bloomberg)  Lenny Dykstra sold a bunch of his World Series stuff, the ’86 ring went for 56 grand.  (Dealbreaker) Twelve Juicy Buyout Candidates.  (Clusterstock) A tragedy for family-owned businesses in this recession.  (WSJ) The Fly takes…