Sir Allen Stanford

TGIF Market Recap: Sail Away with the Shippers

[youtube=] The Reformed Broker, AKA Captain Dry Bulk, here with today’s Market Recap… Quiet day on The Street today overall, but the China-related stuff was on fire.  Aluminum, Building Materials and Steel names were all up nicely as of mid-day, but the show-stopper was the shipping sector in light of the DryShips (DRYS) earnings beat….

Hot Links: Icahn, Roubini, Sir Allen & Blockbuster

Hot Links for Weekend Reading It’s about time the Kaiser of Korporate Governance weighed in on the lack of accountability on the part of congress when doling out TARP (your) funds.  Carl Icahn wrote a sharp op-ed piece for the New York Times called “We’re Not The Boss Of AIG“.  The main thrust here is…

Quick Comment: Stanford Bank Ponzi Scheme

I’ve been asked for my thoughts on the latest Ponzi scheme, the Stanford International Bank Certificate of Deposit Fraud… #1  If you put your entire “life savings” into a bank in the Caribbean, chances are you’ve got something to hide, so…sucks for you. #2  This is a CD paying out double what every other CD…