What Obama's "Brokers As Fiduciaries" Change Really Means

In Obama‘s new regulatory reform proposal, there is language concerning how brokers are looked at and treated versus investment advisors. From the Wall Street Journal: Currently, brokers are only required to offer investments that are “suitable,” which means they can’t put clients in inappropriate investments, such as a highly risky stock for an 80-year-old grandmother….

Obama's New Regulations

Here comes the heavy hand… At 12:50 pm today, The Street will get the news from the horses mouth as President Obama unveils some details on his new plans to regulate he financial industry. He’s already set the table, having released an 85 page document underlining the goals of this new spate of regulatory reform….

Alternate Realities: GOP or Dem Markets

Which of our two major political parties would be a better steward of our capital markets and financial system if left unchecked by the other party?  I think either way, the result would be pretty scary. The Republicans never met a business they didn’t want to deregulate and the Democrats never met an underprivileged constituent…