Three Ring Currency Circus: China, Japan and the US

Welcome to the Three Ring Currency Circus: Central bankers as ringleader, metals and energy prices as the strong man, China as barely-tamed lion, Japanese stuffed in the clown car and the US taxpayer as the guy who cleans up after the elephants.

Main Street: Can We Have a Recovery Too?

Here’s a pair of headlines that I thought were fantastic in a juxtapositional way: Goldman Faces PR Dilemna Over Huge Bonuses (CNBC) Debt, Unemployment Weigh on Recovery (WSJ)  Both articles out on the same day.  Today.  Only in America. Cartoon Source: TIME

Pick Your Favorite Recovery Shape!

Cindy Perman of CNBC’s Pony Blog has a great post up today that asks what shape the economic recovery may take.  The choices range from the typical U, V, and W-shaped recoveries to some more, umm, unconventional ideas, like the lighning bolt, bath tub, square root or my personal contribution to the piece, the fabled Mickey Mouse-shaped recovery….

Will Explosive Taxation Derail the Recovery?

Clearly, there are some areas of the economy that are showing signs of a recovery.  What this may mean to stocks, bonds, real estate etc is not the subject of this post. Instead, let’s take a moment to ponder the new emerging headwind that could throw a serious monkey wrench in our recovery hopes for…