Marcus Schrenker

Agape World: More Red Flags Than An Evening At Medieval Times

There’s a bull market in thieves and dirtbags…quick – create an ETF! They just unearthed yet another Ponzi scheme, this time it’s a construction bridge loan scam called Agape World in Hauppauge, New York. Nicholas Cosmo, an ex-broker with a boiler room past and a conviction for securities fraud, has spent the last 8 years…

This Just In: Art Nadel, Where Art Thou? (updated)

My, my, my…and I thought that all of these billionaire “money managers” actually earned the money they were wiping themselves with. CNBC just posted an alert that Art Nadel of Sarasota, Florida-based Valhalla Management is missing, according to his wife, who is “cooperating” with authorities.