Lehman Brothers

Repaying TARP for a Return to Gluttony

I challenge you to find an article about the major banks wishing to repay TARP that doesn’t blatantly cite compensation as the banks primary motivation. Here’s a taste from Dealbook (NYT): Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase have said for weeks that they want to repay their share of the $700 billion government bailout…

One Year Later: The Fall of Bear Stearns

  It was a day many on The Street will never forget and in many ways, we probably shouldn’t.  The events of March 17th 2008 will forever be a reminder to me that no one is too big, wealthy, established or smart to fail. The night before, on March 16th, a Sunday, the details about…

Don't Blame the Repeal of Glass-Steagall…Blame Risk Management

Over on Breakingviews, Hugo Dixon is taking issue with those who believe bringing back some version of the Glass-Steagall Act would prevent the financial collapse we’re now fighting through every day. Why would anybody run a casino and a utility under the same roof? That is the supposedly killer argument of those who want to…

Great Moments in Willful Ignorance


I’m far from perfect and no one should point fingers at those who make mistakes, as we are all human. That said, in keeping with the recurring theme of my blog these days that “The Emperors Have No Clothes”, let’s take a look at those who chose to be wrong…those who had all the information but went out of their way to ignore it and be epically, willfully ignorant.

Slightly Used Ticker Symbols For Sale: MER and WB

On a quiet post-New Year’s Friday, two of the most widely followed stocks disappeared from Quotrons and trading screens around the world: MER and WB.

As Merrill Lynch and Wachovia begin their new lives as foster children of Bank of America and Wells Fargo respectively, the question remains, what will happen to their orphaned call letters? Do they end up on the Island of Misfit Ticker Symbols?