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Amazon's Top Ten Business Books of 2009 List is a Joke

I’ve just finished perusing Amazon’s Top Ten Business and Investing Books of 2009, both the editors’ picks and the customers’ picks, and I gotta tell ya – both are terrible representations of what was worthwhile reading this year. I’ll keep my critique relatively short and then give you the lists themselves.  Feel free to chime…

Read This Book: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

I just finished an absolute monster of a book, and although its not investment-related per se, it is a book that will absolutely turn you inside-out if you let it.  The author, Susanna Clarke, spent over 10 years researching and writing the manuscript and the end result is a masterpiece.  Time Magazine called it the…

Read This Book: Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

When people who are starting to get involved in the markets, whether as professionals or investors, ask me what books I suggest they read, this is the first one I always mention.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator is a quasi-biography of trader Jesse Livermore, who went from early 1900’s bucket shop speculator to master trader, having won and lost large fortunes along the way in everything from stocks to cotton futures.