Goldman Sachs

Goodbye Rick Wagoner…and Maybe GM

In the New York Times, Micheline Maynard wrote a pretty balanced account of how Rick Wagoner became CEO of General Motors (GM) to start with and why many of the problems facing the company were already in place before he took control about a decade ago. The article raises more questions than it actually answers….

Goldman Sachs is a Charity Case, Too.

This is a very big story and will probably piss off taxpayers like nothing else has thus far.  The Wall Street Journal has the list of all the companies that were essentially made whole by the AIG bailout.  Basically, these are the firms that were counter-parties in transactions with AIG, the hedge fund that happens…

New Dow Jones Industrial Average Candidates?

As of this writing, there are 4 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average that are trading under $10 per share (and several others that are close): Citigroup (C) Bank of America (BAC) General Motors (GM) Alcoa (AA) According to Jim Bianco of Bianco Research:  “Dow Jones, the keeper of the DJIA, has an unwritten…

Who Else Could Become a Bank Holding Company?

General Motor’s GMAC unit had recieved approval to become a bank holding company…
But here’s the more interesting question…who else could/should apply to become a bank holding company? Below is my not-so-serious list of candidates as more companies and industries look for shelter in this, our Greatest Depression.