A Few Chunks of Goldbug Kryptonite

Hold your hate mail Goldbugs…I don’t make predictions here on anything, nor do I particularly care which way the price goes today or tomorrow.  The recent sell-off in the yellow metal has brought out a ton of bearish sentiment this week, some of which I’ll post here… First up, Doug Kass has a gold call…

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Goldbug

My Goldbug friends and Hard Assets-loving associates will sleep well this evening…or stay up all night with excitement. Congrats to the faithful, but don’t OD on the Kool-Aid. G’night! Read Also: …You Might Be a Goldbug (TRB)

People I Can Do Without: Winter '09

The greatest stand-up comedian of all time*, George Carlin, had a bit in the late 80’s called “People I Can Do Without“.  While his version included people like “a dentist who has blood in his hair”, I will keep mine strictly investment-related. The Reformed Broker’s “People I Can Do Without” Magazine editors and advertising executives…