TGIF Market Recap: Sail Away with the Shippers

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BARLfUmyBJA] The Reformed Broker, AKA Captain Dry Bulk, here with today’s Market Recap… Quiet day on The Street today overall, but the China-related stuff was on fire.  Aluminum, Building Materials and Steel names were all up nicely as of mid-day, but the show-stopper was the shipping sector in light of the DryShips (DRYS) earnings beat….

Who Else Could Become a Bank Holding Company?

General Motor’s GMAC unit had recieved approval to become a bank holding company…
But here’s the more interesting question…who else could/should apply to become a bank holding company? Below is my not-so-serious list of candidates as more companies and industries look for shelter in this, our Greatest Depression.