Credit Cards

1 Trillion in US Credit Card Debt

Financial infographs like this one are especially interesting when they give you perspective on a global basis. This piece takes a look at the credit card usage and outstanding debt of US consumers vs that of other countries… Click to Embiggen! Source: Derri_Hasmi

Hooray for the Credit Card and Loaded Weapon Bill!

Pop quiz: What’s the quickest way to ensure that credit availability to consumers will dry up immediately? That’s an easy one…make it less profitable for credit card issuers to lend!  Combined with the additional risk of lending in a recession, that’ll do the trick.  And that’s exactly what Obama‘s anti-business gang did next: From the…

Whitney's Latest Concern: Pulled Consumer Credit Lines

The latest prognostication from the Credit Cassandra AKA Meredith Whitney is alarming to say the least.  It concerns the fact that she sees up to 50% of all consumer credit lines being yanked at exactly the worst time for any prospects of a recovery…which would mean now. From Forbes (FP): Whitney discussed credit card lines…

Hot Links: CNBC, Positivity, Thomas Weisel & Credit Cards

Hot Links for Weekend Reading Ever wondered what CNBC actually stands for?  Its their 20 year anniversary, so check out The Business Insider (the old Clusterstock) for the answer and amaze your friends and co-workers! Also on TBI, James Cramer breaks his silence on his appearance with The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart.  Twas an ambush….