This Just In: Nadel Caught in Florida, AG Cuomo Investigating Thain Bonus

Today’s going to be a doozy… Art Nadel just surrendered to authorities in Tampa, Florida according to CNBC. New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has subpoenaed ex-Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain and one of his henchmen regarding the bonus snafu according to Dealbreaker. Kind of like the final scene of The Godfather when the family takes…

This Just In: Art Nadel, Where Art Thou? (updated)

My, my, my…and I thought that all of these billionaire “money managers” actually earned the money they were wiping themselves with. CNBC just posted an alert that Art Nadel of Sarasota, Florida-based Valhalla Management is missing, according to his wife, who is “cooperating” with authorities.

CNBC's Most Annoying Commercials

I don’t know if it’s the advertisers who produce the commercial or CNBC who runs them ad nauseumthat I blame, but below is my list of the most obnoxious, annoying and pointless commercials on CNBC. Please put them out of our misery, Network Brass.

Doug Kass Rolls Out 2009 Predictions, Ignore Them At Your Own Peril!

In taking a page from Byron Wein of Morgan Stanley fame, Doug Kass has been listing 20 outlying possible events for the coming year for a while now and in ’08, he absolutely killed it. 60% of his 20 predictions for 2008 came to pass, including some of the more far-fetched ones.

Yesterday, Kass’s 2009 list came out…

Weigh Anchor: Mark Haines

Mark Haines is the best in business. He comes off as completely natural and unpretentious, but can bring the gravitas when the situation calls for it.